Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blogging with Students

I am blogging with grade seven students during a library class. It has been a slow and painful process, but today it felt like it was getting easier. I will find out tonight when I approve the students' comments.
Techno question: Why has it been so painful?
Answer is:
1) I didn't provide good enough instruction into the process. I had not considered some of the problems we ran into. Students writing in a text message style. Students not having a book to write about. ( I may have rushed into a process without understanding it adequately.)
2) I think students want to play with the computers and don't see the computer or my time with them as serious work. Students are keen to change their desktop, knowing it will disappear when they log out, and they want to play games.
Reg Block told me yesterday at our meeting that students don't like to blog. He also said to persevere. And so I will.
Today I had students use a rubric to evaluate 4 blog posts I had found on the internet and put together on a web page. I was pleased with those students I talked to, who saw what good writing looked like. We also reviewed what the purpose of blogging is.
Tomorrow we learn to put an image into out blogs. Should be fun.

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Morag said...

I find the students obsession with games to be quite annoying. My grade six boys would do nothing but games if they had the chance. I'm playing around with how to turn 'games' into a useful activity. If I come up with anything good I'll let you know.